Patience and focusing on the positives


Patience With Liverpool’s up and down start to the season it would be just too easy to begin looking for faults. Kenny signed eight new players during the summer transfer window and sold or loaned out 16 players. Of those eight, five have featured in the first six games of the season which makes for radicle changes in the squad. You can even argue that Carroll and Suarez are still relative newcomers, so does it make sense to think that they would all gel quickly and perform at the highest level from the opening game of the season? It’s just not going to happen. Better to judge how Liverpool have performed and where we sit in the table in January or, as Kenny might say, next May.


As well all know, it’s unfortunate and typical of today’s modern game that instant success is expected, be it from new players or a new manager, so we need to have patience, focus on the positives and accept that it will take time for the team to bed in, become familiar with their new team mates and fully understand Kenny’s philosophy and style of play.

It’s not only the team we need to be patient with but individual players as well. It’s important to give players like Carroll, Downing, Adam and Henderson time and back these lads as much as possible. I know Carroll has looked sluggish early on but he had a very good game against Wolves and that bodes well for the rest of the season. (Yeah I know he should have buried his second half chance, but it will come). As for Suarez, his ability to adjust has been simply remarkable and what a player he is! Fernando who?

As Kenny says “When you stand together as a family we can achieve great things“. Even a Spurs fan felt compelled to comment on Liverpool’s incredible supporters after our 4-0 defeat at WHL:

“The one thing that I was amazed by is the fact that the Liverpool fans kept singing even when the goals kept going in. This is something that strikes me over and over again about Liverpool fans: the sheer unadulterated devotion and loyalty that you show. Every fan-base should have that devotion and you’re a credit to your club”.

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