5 Reasons why Liverpool WILL qualify for the Champions League

  1. Rodger’s himself – calm, assertive, tactically and strategically savvy
  2. We’ll win a higher percentage of the games against the none top-four teams
  3. Suarez & Borini partnership will result in a higher number of goals
  4. The defence unit will get stronger & Pepe’s form will improve
  5. Man United, Arsenal & Spurs will have it tougher this season

Ok so there it is. That’s my top five reasons why Liverpool will qualify for the Champions League this season. Blinkered, wearing rose-tinted glasses, unrealistically biased I hear you say. Well I’m probably guilty of all of the above but, as you would expect let’s do a brief assessment of each one and then you have your say.

1. Rodger’s has done nothing but impress since his appointment at Liverpool. He has a clear vision the direction he wants to take the team and the style of play he want to implement . He seems to have a real sense of who in the current squad is able to fulfill this vision and who is not. He’s bringing in quality players such as Allen and Borini and will give them very specific roles plus he’s already worked with them both and knows their strengths and weaknesses. Rodgers has gone about his business in calm yet assertive way and already has the team behind him. We’ve had the best pre-season in years and he understands what an important club Liverpool is and has sworn to do his utmost to get us back to the top. I believe him.

2. A top 4 spot isn’t necessarily won by beating the top four or five teams. No disrespect, but it’s won by taking maximum points from the likes of West Brom, Norwich and Stoke City. It’s a task Liverpool have failed at miserably for too many seasons but with Rodgers more fluid, passing, possession-type football I can see Liverpool winning the vast majority of these type of games this season. Bottom-line is Liverpool have to win nearly all their home games this season. “This is Anfield” will once again have real meaning.

3. Suarez and Borini already look like they will create a very effective strike partnership. I’ve no evidence for this but I’m banking on the fact that with a partner that is also a constant threat it will create more openings for Suarez. Suarez himself can also put all last seasons troubles behind him and focus on his football and convert more chances than he did last season and even though Borini has played less than 50 senior games in his career he already looks like he has the potential to score a lot of goals this season.

4. If we don’t sell Agger we’ll be good in defence and probably stronger than last season. With Skrtel, Johnson, Enrique (just don’t let him shoot), Kelly and Agger Liverpool are looking strong in this area of the field. They shipped 38 goals last seasons so there’s room for improvement and with Reina committing himself to having a better season, he looked dodgy last year, I’m banking on a better defensive record this season which is the basis of all successful Liverpool teams.

5. Ok ok, I know we can only focus on our performance and win as many games as possible but I think we’ll see a some of the last years top-four faltering this season. Man United are almost certain to be in the hunt but they might find the going harder this season. They showed some vulnerability last season so long may it continue. If Arsenal lose Van Persie you have to think Arsenal won’t be as potent a force as they were last season. They got off to a poor start losing to the Reds 2-0 at the Emirates and were very fortunate to get the win that saw them finish 3rd and secure a CL spot. As for Spurs, AVB is a big gamble plus they seem to be having a striker issue right now so I can see them struggling to finish in the top six.

So there it is. Liverpool will qualify for the Champions League this season.

Let the comments begin.

5 Reasons why Liverpool WILL qualify for the Champions League

3 thoughts on “5 Reasons why Liverpool WILL qualify for the Champions League

  1. SeeingRed says:

    Even as a fellow Red this is all a bit too much. Sure, it’s great to be optimistic about our future (and we should be), but let’s keep things in check, huh? Should Arsenal lose RVP, they’ll still have two new strikers and cazorla – definitely stronger overall than last season. Spurs dropping out of the top 6? Yeah, I don’t see that happening. They’ve got a solid squad that finished in the top 5 for the past few seasons. AVB might be a gamble, but so is anybody else really; we’ve seen what he can do (porto). As for the mancs, they’ll be in the top 4 definitely. Hate to admit it, but that’s a given.

    1. Barry Ringstead says:

      Thanks for the comment SeeingRed. I think the key to success this year is not to drop the points at home. I agree, maybe too optimistic but we can only hope the Rodgers approach gives them a edge this season.

  2. Agree that Anfield is our property and here “the redmen” rules and we have to dare being kings on our own grass – and think the dawn reach Anfield and some more from the squad take the responsibility – it will brings in more goal in front and less goal down back – hopes really Agger stay, know that he really wants the LFC way and we need him and Martin helping Reina… ;-)

    With Johnson, Agger, Martin and Enrique be the back four with Kelly and Jamie as super subs – we don’t need to be affraid of any not in England and not in Europe – and if Lucas is fit again to back them up – it looks more than nice… ;-)

    Martin and Agger together have a high level, we need the subs catch same level.

    The engine room or gearbox – the midtfield – appears after a sleeping beauty to once again have the potential to drive in higher gear again – Gerrard, Allen (expect a lot from him) – and then there are some fellows that owe to kick asses themselves and show that they really not only want just to be with, but will be kings at Anfield and take responsibility too… ;-)

    In front Suarez and Borini with Carroll as dark house – I think they have learned the lesson now – and brings back exercising “the kop” hard, because they have to get up every time LFC scores.

    Have a sure gut stomach feeling that Rodgers will succeed in creating
    the enthusiasm and spirit that creates winners… ‘big smile’

    I haven’t been so positive for many years as now – and believe that the TopFour 4 for 2012-13 will be The Spurs at the top with MUFC (2nd or 3th) , LFC (2nd or 3th), MCFC (4th or 5th) and Gunners (4th or 5th) – next year 2013-14 we take the PL trophy… ;-)

    As a “aboard” LFC supporter for +45 years I miss LFC in Europe… ;-) ;-) ;-)


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