Could Fan Opinion Ever Prompt Alonso’s Long Awaited Return to Liverpool?

Could supporters opinion bring about Alonso’s return to Anfield?

IT’S the focus of all football supporters during the close season. Who should we sign, who we should let go, who would be a dream signing but we know we could never afford him, who should we get back from on-loan and, in Liverpool’s case, which quality players would consider moving to Liverpool.

It makes for a great summer-long debate on blogs, twitter and websites all over the globe while there no actual football being played but does this kind of speculation actually make a difference?

Does it really influence the thinking of those in charge or the players involved?

Sadly, the reality is it seems none of it makes the slightest bit of difference. In Liverpool’s case we now have Brendan Rodger’s in charge with his definitive ideas on the kind of players he feels will fit into his style of play and there are players being sought that perhaps none of us would have even considered. Our debate on the subject doesn’t seem to influence who is actually signed or who is let go.

But just maybe there is one player that Liverpool supporters and writers may be having a profound influence on. There is one player who has consistently been on top of every Liverpool supporters list of who should be signed, or in this case, should be resigned. That player knows exactly how Liverpool supporters feel about him and that if he did return he would receive the greatest welcome home any player in the history of Liverpool would likely experience. The player of course is Xabi Alonso.

Alonso knows exactly how much he is respected by Liverpool fans to the point I doubt you could find one Liverpool supporter who would say no to his return. If you’re out there please make yourself known and let us know the reasons why you wouldn’t have him back. Do we need to review Alonso’s credentials? I don’t think so. I think you know as much, probably more than I do, about Xabi’s qualities as a player, that he’s an automatic first XI selection for Spain and Real Madrid and that he could grace any club team in the world. So why even discuss Alonso? So what chance is there of him leaving Real Madrid in the first place and even if he did would he return to Liverpool?

The reality is Alonso has kept a home in Liverpool, he is raising his son as a Scouser and last year he stated how much he misses Liverpool and would like to return to Anfield at some point in his career. He has made impromptu visits to Anfield over the years since his departure and he recently expressed his support and optimism at the appointment of Brendan Rodgers. All the signs point to a return one day.

So what are the chances of him returning? Apparently transfer rumours are in overdrive right now in Liverpool with Alonso having just spent the last few days in the city with speculation that he might well be on his way back to Anfield in a straight swap deal with Agger. BS? Possibly, but there’s no harm in hoping and if we truly want to see Alonso return to Anfield then this is the time to write blogs, tweets, comments and articles making it known. I have a feeling Xabi himself might be one player that is very much influenced by our collective desire to see him return to Liverpool. Let’s hope Rogers does too.

Could Fan Opinion Ever Prompt Alonso’s Long Awaited Return to Liverpool?

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