Would you cash in on Andy Carroll if a bid arrived?

Imagine Liverpool receiving a substantial bid for Andy Carroll. One that made the loss versus the initial £35m outlay not look too bad? Would you sell him, take the cash and invest in other quality players? The fact is this scenario seems to be getting closer to reality.

At the beginning of the year I don’t think many of us would have said no to Carroll’s sale. He wasn’t in great form and after more than 12-months at Anfield was still failing to make any kind of impact. He didn’t look like a player that had a real future at Liverpool. But times have changed. A slimmer, fitter, more agile Carroll is looking more and more the deadly finisher we had all been hoping for. He’s scoring goals, is an ever-increasing threat upfront and is beginning to dominate even the best defensive units. His introduction during the FA Cup final demonstrated just what an impact player Carroll can be, almost singlehandedly winning the Cup for Liverpool by completely changing the game as well as scoring a life-line goal and being denied an equalizer. Leaving him on the bench at the beginning of the game is something I’m sure Dalglish deeply regrets. His performance against Sweden in the Euros was another example of how Carroll is able to perform at the highest level, scoring arguably the best header of the tournament and the finest headed-goal in an England international for decades. It was simply that good. But it’s not just Carroll’s prowess upfront that makes him such a valuable and attractive asset. It’s his willingness and desire to help out in defence that makes him the complete article and is putting him on the radar of many top clubs. Even when he isn’t playing well Carroll is constantly chasing down opposition forwards in an attempt to win back the ball. Something Wayne Rooney might want to take note of.

So now rumours begin to circulate that Andy is a wanted in Italy. The son of AC Milan’s owner, Silvio Berlusconi, having recently stated that in rebuilding their squad he would consider Carroll a future target. High praise indeed. So given Carroll’s improved form the question remains would you sell him? Perhaps the biggest influencer on this question is how well will he fit into the new brand and style of football Brendan Rogers is about to introduce at Liverpool. On Twitter someone asked Paul Dalglish, manager of a team in Austin Texas and son of Kenny, what players should Liverpool be looking to sign. His response was we’d need to know what the system of play is going to be first. That correct logic also applies to which players Liverpool should keep or let go in the current squad. Back in the sixties Bill Shankly signed a player very similar in style and stature to Carroll, Tony Hateley. You may also remember his son Mark who played for Rangers. Hateley scored 28 goals in 42 appearances in the 1967-68 season but Shanks sold him to Coventry City the next season because he didn’t  fit the passing style of football he wanted to play. Only time will tell how Roger’s views Carroll’s role.

So would you sell Andy Carroll if a decent bid came in? Let us know your thoughts.

Would you cash in on Andy Carroll if a bid arrived?

One thought on “Would you cash in on Andy Carroll if a bid arrived?

  1. LFC’s strength is collective – it’s not always the players one by one, but – if it were so would Real Madrid win the Champions League every year – one man can win one match, it needs a team(spirit) to win PL or CL – I trusted that Rogers will make the right decisions… ;-)

    I could easily see Suarez and Carroll together in front at the same time… ;-)

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