Brendan Rogers: did FSG get it right?

The prediction (still no official announcement at the time of writing) on Wednesday that Brenda Rogers will be Liverpool’s new manager will be met with a fair amount of skepticism and surprise. FSG seem to be applying their formula of bringing in a young, progressive, manager that has both on eye on developing youth as well and promoting attacking football. The problem is Rogers’s doesn’t have a pedigree that would lead anyone to think he has the credentials to take Liverpool into the top 4 of the Premiership or lead them successfully in Europe. If you look at his managerial record and the clubs he’s been in charge of i.e. Watford, Reading and Swansea, you would not be inspired to thinking he’s the man to take any team, never mind Liverpool, to trophy winning glory. From a statistical perspective Roger’s win-ratio doesn’t make you believe he’s destined for greatness either. Of the 151 games he’s been a manager he’s won 41%: Watford 32 games 41%, Reading 23 games 26% and Swansea 96 games and a win ratio of 45%. Compare that to AVB: 121 games and a 62% win-ratio, Rijkaard 397 and 53% and Rafa 55%. Given this stat alone the decision becomes more difficult to wrap your head around.

Now it may well be that Rogers will be a great success at Liverpool but the reality is the owners have still taken a big gamble. Let’s be honest, any manager, no matter how experienced, is going to be a gamble, think AVB and Chelsea. What seems to have attracted FSG to Roger’s more than anything is his philosophy toward attacking, possession, football, al la Barcelona, and ensuring each player knows exactly where he needs to be on the pitch. He talks about frustrating teams by not giving the ball away versus simply hoofing it up the field and instantly loosing possession and this approach seems to have paid dividends for him at Swansea. To learn his craft Rodgers has also travelled extensively around Europe studying different coaching techniques, and he speaks Spanish and Italian which will come in handy with the current squad or if Aquilani ever puts a red shirt again. You also have to think that with a squad of higher quality players, no disrespect to Swansea, Roger’s approach could see Liverpool much improved and winning more consistently, especially at Anfield?
Last season Liverpool played some very good football under Kenny and were not that far away from being a very good side. With the £25m that’s being mentioned as being made available to Roger’s it will be fascinating to see who he goes for and, in turn, who he decides to sell. It should give us a clear indication as to what approach he intends to take.
Would Roger’s have been my choice for manager? No. I always felt that if FSG were readyto spend £35m for a player then they should be prepared to pay for the best manager available. They have ‘t done this in terms of experience and proven success at winning trophies but now the decision has been made (to be confirmed of course) I’m willing to give Roger’s the benefit of the doubt and get right behind him. What will be critical is exactly how many season’s FSG will be prepared to give Roger’s to become successful. My guess is because they chose him it will be a lot longer than Kenny.
Brendan Rogers: did FSG get it right?

5 thoughts on “Brendan Rogers: did FSG get it right?

  1. To all fellow LFC fans we need to stop mourning the loss of Kenny and face reality, loosing Kenny hurt me as much as the next man, but the fact that we got Brendan Rogers gives me lots of grounds for cautious optimism. Having promoted Swansea, with skillful attacking football, laid down as a philosophy at the club under Martinez, Sousa and Rogers, he clearly has passing football at the heart of what he believes. Don’t forget he was a youth coach under the Special One as well, so hopefully some of that magic will have rubbed off on him. Rumours are that Louis Van Gaal is coming in above him in this new three tier management structure that FSG are going to put in place. There is no doubt also that funds will be made available and you can bet your bottom dollar that we won’t be shopping around in the sort of super markets that Swansea were. I can see a possible smash and grab raid for Scott Sinclair, and I think it says alot for Swansea that both of the candidates that FSG were going for had previously managed them. Give him time and get behind the team!

    1. Barry Ringstead says:

      Great comments. I totally agree. Let’s get behind Roger’s and allow ourselves the opportunity to be optimistic about the future.

  2. No The Liverpool Way ain’t dead – and in my eyes it’s the only to live and to survive… ;-)

    The problem as I seen it – is – that we had to find a strong manager – who can transform The Shankly and The Paisley Spirit into a 2013 2014 2015 2016 version – I think we have the man now – It won’t work if LFC try look a like one of these other great clubs – which have managers, who care more about their own performence, than the club – and how often do that kind of clubs really win…?

    We have to be better being L’pool FC – the last couple of years we have miss that – we’ll loose every thing if we act like Real Madrid (no bad about them) – we have to like Shankly did in the early 60s- kick ass, first our own – and then all the others – in my heart I belive that we now find the box with the old S & P Spirit, but in a modern version… ;-)


    1. Barry Ringstead says:

      A great comment ledrakenoir. I believe you are right about Brendan Rogers. He just needs to go about motivating and improving the team quietly and privately and letting the performance and results do the talking.

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