FSG part ways with Dalglish

It’s sad news but FSG have made the decision to part ways with Kenny Dalglish today. I have mixed emotions about the decision as I feel for Kenny and know he only wanted the best for Liverpool but unfortunately he was unable to deliver on the expectations, especially a top four finish.

The speculation is that Roberto Matinez from Wigan will replace Dalglish but I’m not happy with them bringing in a manager who has won nothing and has spent his career helping clubs avoid relegation. Maybe that’s the point?

FSG part ways with Dalglish

2 thoughts on “FSG part ways with Dalglish

  1. The news was not big surprise – though it is annoying – very annoying in my eyes – KK is a fantastic ambassador for Liverpool FC – one of the greatest – there are guaranteed a LFC logo tatto on his heart – and thanks for that – the person KK still have my full sympathy – a great man – but the squad hasn’t worked out in the main forum namely PL ​​- the English cup matches must be said to be quite okay – in terms of results – played on the grass can then perhaps debatable – but no one is above the club – it know, of anyone, the through sympathetic KK – maybe KK was too much players’ man – and the players have not collectively known their visiting hours – that kind of confidence requires – and is perhaps past – maybe there’s to few leader types on the team (?) – who take responsibility – Gerrard and Agger have been very hurt and nobody has really taken over in shouted up when the 11 redmen was out on the grass – said a little fun – so maybe in reality we need more of a helmsman in the team on the pitch than a new manager – but it’s so the manager’s responsibility, and that’s failed for KK…

    What annoys me most of all is that unsuccesful European League 2011-12
    – as foreign supporter, I love mostly when LFC rules on European “grass fields” … ;-)

  2. Some is saying that Michael Laudrup is a candidate for the job.

    Michael Laudrup put Brøndby IF’s youth from our farm in ruins – because he opted to buy their way to success – it’s one of the reasons that Brøndby IF’s economy is still lousy – many of the young players he could not use is now the national team representing other teams – a fantastic player, but as manager owes his show results – fundamentally is Roberto Martinez’s results at least as good – I am unsure of both as a manager in LFC…


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