Like every supporter I was left totally deflated by Liverpool’s poor performance at West Brom last Saturday. I had high hopes and, perhaps naively, was convinced the pre-season performances were real evidence of the good things to come and that the tiki-taka style of football would flow naturally and demonstrate to the rest of the Premier League that Liverpool were on their way back to the top with a slick passing style of football that would surely secure a first and impressive win of the season. 90 minutes later, plus injury time, I was in a state of depression and deja vu. We’d lost a game in a fashion so reminiscent of last season. It’s a game I expected we’d win but Liverpool looked out of sorts, uncomfortable and once again failed to turn possession into goals, a trait they have to overcome if they have any chance of making a serious attempt at a top four place. Read the rest of this entry »

  1. Rodger’s himself – calm, assertive, tactically and strategically savvy
  2. We’ll win a higher percentage of the games against the none top-four teams
  3. Suarez & Borini partnership will result in a higher number of goals
  4. The defence unit will get stronger & Pepe’s form will improve
  5. Man United, Arsenal & Spurs will have it tougher this season

Ok so there it is. That’s my top five reasons why Liverpool will qualify for the Champions League this season. Blinkered, wearing rose-tinted glasses, unrealistically biased I hear you say. Well I’m probably guilty of all of the above but, as you would expect let’s do a brief assessment of each one and then you have your say.

1. Rodger’s has done nothing but impress since his appointment at Liverpool. He has a clear vision the direction he wants to take the team and the style of play he want to implement . He seems to have a real sense of who in the current squad is able to fulfill this vision and who is not. He’s bringing in quality players such as Allen and Borini and will give them very specific roles plus he’s already worked with them both and knows their strengths and weaknesses. Rodgers has gone about his business in calm yet assertive way and already has the team behind him. We’ve had the best pre-season in years and he understands what an important club Liverpool is and has sworn to do his utmost to get us back to the top. I believe him. Read the rest of this entry »

Liverpool have now dispatched Gomel in the Europa League qualifying matches and it heralds the true beginning of the Rodgers era at Anfield. In less than ten days sterner tests await with the start of the Premier League and an away game at West Bromwich Albion on 18 August. The Premiership is where it really counts and where we’ll get to see Rodgers Liverpool playing tougher opposition but with a full-strength team executing their new brand of football, the tiki-taka style of zonal play which is so often associated with the likes of Barcelona. Read the rest of this entry »


It goes without saying that in order to win games you have to score goals, more than the opposition at least, and it’s in this key area Liverpool have so clearly failed over the past few seasons. Even with Suarez and Carroll on board last season the “goals for” statistics was borderline awful and none of us want to hear the word “woodwork” too many times again next season.

I’ve had a look at the goals-scored and goals-against statistics over the last five seasons to see what the trend looks like and what it show is clearly disturbing. Read the rest of this entry »

So Liverpool’s squad is now in the US for the first time since 2004 ready for their North American tour. There are three matches scheduled: Toronto FC on July 21, AS Roma at Fenway Park in Boston on July 25 and Tottenham in Baltimore on July 28. So how important is this tour and does this one have more riding on it than previous overseas tours?

There are two main objectives of the tour: commercial and performance. Read the rest of this entry »

Could supporters opinion bring about Alonso’s return to Anfield?

IT’S the focus of all football supporters during the close season. Who should we sign, who we should let go, who would be a dream signing but we know we could never afford him, who should we get back from on-loan and, in Liverpool’s case, which quality players would consider moving to Liverpool.

It makes for a great summer-long debate on blogs, twitter and websites all over the globe while there no actual football being played but does this kind of speculation actually make a difference?

Does it really influence the thinking of those in charge or the players involved? Read the rest of this entry »

Imagine Liverpool receiving a substantial bid for Andy Carroll. One that made the loss versus the initial £35m outlay not look too bad? Would you sell him, take the cash and invest in other quality players? The fact is this scenario seems to be getting closer to reality.

At the beginning of the year I don’t think many of us would have said no to Carroll’s sale. Read the rest of this entry »